11 Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh, For A Closer Look At The Revolutionary

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By DoThe Best October 3, 2017 12:01

11 Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh, For A Closer Look At The Revolutionary

Bhagat Singh is already considered to be a legend. However, the legend left the world a series of inspiring actions even though he died at a relatively younger age. Some of these actions are well-known while others are not so. Here are 11 lesser known facts about Bhagat Singh which will help you gain a better understanding about one of the most celebrated of Indian freedom fighters.

1. Guns in fields

One thing which Bhagat Singh often spoke about as a child was about wanting to grow guns in the fields using which the British can be foug

2. After Jalianwala Bagh

It was right after the Jaianwala Bagh massacre. Bhagat Singh was only 12 years old at the time but he bunked school and went to the tragic venue from where he collected a bottle of mud that was wet with Indian blood. It’s said that he worshipped the bottle every day.

3. The actor

In college, Bhagat Singh took part in plays as an actor. Some of the plays for which he got praised were ‘Samrat Chandragupta’ and ‘Rana Pratap.’

4. The bombs for the Central Assembly

entral assembly Hall | Source: frontline.in

Central Assembly Hall

Bhagat Singh, along with his associates, threw bombs in the Central assemble, Delhi. The bombs were made of low grade explosives since they were meant to startle and not to injure anyone. Later, a British investigation about the incident confirmed this.

5. The slogan

‘Inquilab Zindabad;’ though the phrase has lost its sheen thanks to the modern political parties abusing it by over-using it, this was a powerful slogan that was coined by Bhagat Singh in his armed struggle against the British.

6. Socialism

Lenin | Source: lidenz.ru

Bhagat Singh was inspired by the ideals of socialism from an early age. Gaining interest he used to read about the socialist revolutions that were led by Lenin.

7. Atheist

After discovering Lenin, Marx and Trotsky, Bhagat Singh became an atheist, abandoning his Sikh religious belief.

8. Revolutionary/Writer

Aside from being a revolutionary who gave the British nightmares, Bhagat Singh was also a great writer who contributed to many newspapers of the time.

9. The diary that spoke the truth

Bhagad Singh kept a diary while he was imprisoned in Lahore Jail. The diary, which contains his fervent thoughts about freedom and revolution, is available for all to read, and be inspired.

10. A new type of prisoner

Political prisoner | Source: realbharat.org

Political prisoner


It was during his prison stay in 1930 that Bhagat Singh coined what was to become a staple title for freedom-fighters who spent time in jail: Political Prisoners’. While in prison he demanded that his comrades and himself be provided with the basic amenities that were denied them, which even lowly British criminals were provided with.

11. The final farewell

Bhagat Singh was hanged an hour ahead of when his death sentence was supposed to have been executed. He was cremated by the prison authorities secretly at the banks of the river, Sutlej. But, upon hearing the news thousands gathered there and took out a procession with the martyr’s ashes.

Bhagat Singh’s legacy continues to live in the hearts of many. These lesser known facts about Bhagat Singh will surely instil an even deeper respect, and a sense of awe, about the life of the revolutionary.

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DoThe Best
By DoThe Best October 3, 2017 12:01
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