Physics related questions and answers

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By DoThe Best October 1, 2015 14:00

1. Optic fibres are mainly used for which of the following ?  

A.  Communication
B.  Weaving
C.  Musical instruments
D.  Food industry

Answer : A.  Communication

2. Who invented Bakelite?  

A. Charles Goodyear
B. Leo Hendrik Baekeland
C. Roy Plunkett
D. Henry Ford

Answer : B. Leo Hendrik Baekeland

3. Rocket engine works on the principle of  

A.  Newtons third law
B.  Newtons first law
C.  Newtons second law
D.  None of these.

Answer : A.  Newtons third law

4. Cyrogenic engines find application in  

A.  Rocket technology
B.  Frost free refrigerators
C.  Sub-marine propulsion
D.  researches in superconductivity

Answer : A.  Rocket technology

5. The best and the poorest conductors of heat are respectively  

A.  Silver(AG) and lead(PB)
B.  Copper(CU)andaluminium(AL)
C.  Silver(AG)andgold(AU)
D.  Copper(CU)andgold(AU)

Answer : A.  Silver(AG) and lead(PB)

6. What is the main component of biogas and natural gas?  

A.  Ethane
B.  Methane
C.  Propane
D.  Butane

Answer : B.  Methane

7. Who of the following recognized that large quantity of energy is released as a results of the fusion of hydrogen nuclei to form deuterium?  

A. Enrico Fermi
B. Glenn Seaborg
C. Hans Bethe
D. Werner Heisenberg

Answer : A. Enrico Fermi

8. The phenomenon of total internal reflection is observed in which one of the following?  

A.  Glowing tube light
B.  Lightpassingthroughlens
C.  Sparkling diamond
D.  Twinkling star.

Answer : A.  Glowing tube light

9. Through which one among the following materials does sound travel slowest?  

A.  Air
B.  Glass
C.  Water
D.  Wood

Answer : D.  Wood

10. Which one of the following is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light?  

A.  220 K
B.  273 K
C.  65000 K
D.  9000 K

Answer : C.  65000 K

DoThe Best
By DoThe Best October 1, 2015 14:00
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