Physics related questions and answers

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By DoThe Best October 5, 2015 12:21

1. Colour formation in thin films is due to

A. reflection
B. refraction
C. interference
D. diffraction


2. A transformer

A. transforms energy
B. generates e.m.f.
C. transforms frequency
D. transforms voltage


3. Sound travels fast through

A. water
B. air
C. steel
D. vacuum


4. The lens used to rectify long sight is

A. convex lens
B. concave lens
C. plano concave lens
D. plano convex lens


5. A watch based on the oscillating spring is taken from earth to moon, it will

A. run slow
B. run fast
C. stop altogether
D. give the same time


6. When milk is churned cream gets separated due to

A. gravitational force
B. frictional force
C. centripetal force
D. centrifugal force


7. We cannot see during a fog because of

A. refraction
B. internal reflection
C. scattering of light
D. reflection of light


8. Earthquake is measured using

A. seismograph
B. altimeter
C. barometer
D. laser rays


9. The term Mach is used to measure speed of

A. sound
B. wind
C. ship
D. aeroplane


10. Who is the father of discoveries?

A. Edison
B. Pascal
C. Einstein
D. Archimedes


DoThe Best
By DoThe Best October 5, 2015 12:21
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